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Fender Gripper Front End Cover 1965-70 Mustang - Pony
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Don’t risk damaging your vehicles paint and sheet metal while you’re doing major service work under the hood. Fender Gripper Front End Covers provide maximum protection from belt buckles to dropped tools. Each Front End Cover spans from the cowl to the grille with ample coverage for both fenders and overlapping into the engine compartment. These heavy duty covers are made from Fender Gripper’s unique reinforced foam padding material that provides superior grip to keep it in place and prevents tools form sliding off even at extreme angles. This material is resistant to most petroleum based chemicals like motor oil as well as carb cleaner, brake fluid and anti-freeze. No other cover offers this much protection and value.

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1964 .5 Mustang (any style)
1965 Mustang (any style)
1966 Mustang (any style)
1967 Mustang (any style)
1968 Mustang (any style)
1969 Mustang (any style)
1970 Mustang (any style)

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