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Who are Mustang Maniac?

Sheet Metal

Currently all Sheetmetal has been suspended because of a global shortage of Mustang sheet metal which in turn has pushed up prices to an insane level. Our current stock is almost depleted so we cannot advertise new items until we get a true reflection of the costs involved. In the meantime if there are particular panel you are after let me know and I will check our stock and give you a price and availability.

Please email for further information

Mustang Maniac was founded Adam Longmore, it started as his hobby and has now become his business. For over 30 years Adam has been an enthusiastic collector of classic Mustangs. Favouring 64-66 cars he has amassed quite the collection over the years. Herein lies the inspiration for the business, all these cars needed maintenance and restoration, and therefore required parts.

With so many cars in the collection there was a need for a variety of parts to be ordered in from America to begin the restorations. Gradually Adam kept being asked for one of these or did he have one of them, or could he get one. Seeing the demand was there he decided to set up the parts distribution as a business.

Please check your parts carefully before ordering
We have taken a lot of time and effort to be as accurate as we can with our descriptions, photographs and information
Double checking before ordering can save mistakes time and money
If you notice any errors in our product descriptions in please inform us and we will rectify it

Mustang Maniac Mantra
by Adam Longmore

How we work...

Mustang Maniac has been a passion of mine for many years and has grown out of my personal hobby and into a thriving professionally managed business.

I have learned a lot over the years about the ownership, repair and restoration of all classic Mustangs and Falcons - and I am still learning but I think it’s really important to set out exactly how we operate here at Mustang Maniac so there can be absolutely no confusion...

We do know best...

over the years we have got to fully understand our business of Mustang and Falcon Parts along with our wide range of other services.

We have made the mistakes we always try to prevent you from making...

we've used parts that don't work or are poorly fitting and we always try to help you avoid them..... but that does require you to seek our advice up front – and then listen to it.

We often provide advice for it to be completely ignored...

then, frustratingly we get asked to help in solving the issues that arise from not heeding our advice. It drives us mad!

Often the best and most cost effective solution to a Mustang/Falcon problem does not seem to be the easiest/cheapest option...

in many cases there doesn’t seem to be the budget to “do the job properly” but in most cases the money is found to “put a bad job right the second time around”. It drives us mad - do the job once and do it properly!

Quality comes at a price...

we do offer a limited range of budget friendly parts but our priority is to sell good quality, thoroughly tested parts from our list of respected suppliers. While these parts may appear to be more expensive their quality will provide many years of reliable service. We know that because we use those parts on our own Mustangs and Falcons!

We make our own parts...

some of the parts needed to restore or repair Mustangs and Falcons are no longer produced or, if they are, they are not to the high quality standards we demand - so we arrange for them to be made here in the UK by local craftsmen and engineers.

Are our parts expensive?...

in some cases they might appear to be, reflecting the efforts, trouble and expense we have gone to to get them and then shipped to parts warehouse. If it's the cheapest parts around you are looking for it might save you time and trouble to look elsewhere for them.

We carry the parts in stock...

unlike a number of parts suppliers, we carry all all of the parts we sell 'in stock' with the latest stock situation featured on our website. If we say we have it then it's in one of our parts bins waiting for you. All this stock does come at a price and to carry that stock we have had to buy it from our suppliers, ship it to the UK and pay all freight and duties.

We don't use the cheapest shippers...

like all of our business, quality and reliability is key to how we operate. We select our delivery agents based on performance and reliability first and then try to get the very best deal possible from them. Our parts are properly wrapped and labelled so you get your parts undamaged and when you expect them. It's quite simple really!

Our advice is free...

yes we are mostly happy to offer our customers advice on all things Mustang and Falcon but we do ask you to contact us by email. That way we can deal with the queries when we find the time. If it's just a bit of advice you want but would rather buy your parts at the cheapest store then we probably aren't that keen to help you. It's always best when buying cheap parts to discuss them with those experts who are offering them. We do tend to be a bit reluctant to help after those cheap parts have been bought, fitted and failed!

We strongly believe in the truth - tell it how it is...

if it's the facts about a Mustang or Falcon car, part or process you want then we offer it with as few words as we need. If it's 'sales speak' or a 'heavy sell' you want then it's best to look elsewhere. We tell you "what's true" and not "what you want to hear". It really is the best way!

We don't offer discounts...

well, if you are restoring a Mustang or Falcon and talk to us at the start, we will happily supply all the quality parts you need (from our vast stock here in the UK), when you need them and we can talk about prices as well. If we have an honest and open discussion at the start of your project we are happy to support you in any way we can. Having that discussion after you have been let down by other suppliers or you are just buying a single part you can't get elsewhere won't help either of us!

I have tried to be as open and honest as I can here with the way I do business.

We are honest and helpful people here at Mustang Maniac and will always do our best in whatever we do.

If you have strong issues with any of the above then it's very likely you might be happier buying your parts elsewhere....if they genuinely have them in stock.

If, like me you like to understand who you are working with and how the business works then I am sure we will get along just fine and we will be very happy to support you with our parts and services.

Adam Longmore
Mustang Maniac

Mustang Maniac - The '64 to '68 Specialists - Spares - Repairs - Restoration

Here at Mustang maniac we are committed to the right parts for the right cars/people. To ensure our high level of service continues we need your help.

Our telephone lines have been ringing of the hook with questions, which at times, has prevented us from shipping orders and stocking the shelves with exciting new lines. Most of these could arguably have be solved online, so, how can you help us, or, more importantly, help us to help you?

Our most common questions are around overseas shipping costs, stock levels and part fitment (if this is the correct part for the car).

The first is easy to solve...

We no longer ship outside of the UK

Stock Levels

If a part is stated as ‘Currently in stock’ in green, rest assured that part is on our shelves and ready to ship. When looking online, if a part is marked as ‘Currently out of stock’ this means it’s either on it’s way from the states to be replenished, or, your order will prompt us ordering more from our suppliers and we will give you an arrival estimate once the order is placed.

The third stock level you may see is ‘Special Order Item’. This is reserved for more specialist items and as a result, we order these in only when requested, so, your online order will kickstart this process, and we will again give you an estimated time of arrival once your order is placed.

Part Fitment

This is always a tricky one, as over the phone technical support can be challenging at the best of times. As a result, we ask you to trust our model year/descriptions online, but, that if you do still have questions, that they be emailed to: containing as much information as you can, and where possible photos (a picture does tell a 1000 words) so we can best advise the part you need. This communication will be in the form of part numbers, which you can use to search our web shop, and complete your order online.

Opening Hours and Shipping

Having a web shop means we are ‘open’ 24hours a day, 7days a week, 365days a year, saying this, our shipping days are Mon-Fri, with orders completed before 11:30am being sent out the same day, not bad for a ‘small parts distributor’ from the UK. You will have a choice of shipping with either ParcelForce or UPS, for the same price, the reason we let you pick, you know their routes in your area/how close you are to their depot, should you not be in for delivery.


Any returns please send to:

Mustang Maniac
Wickham House
Station Road
SG11 2PB.

Please include in the parcel your name, address, invoice number and the reason for return. Once the parcel has reached our office we will then proceed to inspect the returned items and will refund you the amount of the returned item back to the same account with 14 days. Our returns policy is that any items which has been returned after 28 days of purchase may not receive all of the money back from the item due to restocking fee.


Using email is the best method for general contact, allowing us to give you a thorough answer to your question and even provide links for what your looking for online. This also includes the progress of your order, online order returns and service/restoration requests. Mustang Maniac isn’t some huge corporation interested in only taking your money, we are a family run business who care about you and your Mustang. We hope our reputation of stocking only the finest Mustang parts and Accessories precedes us, so, your feedback is always gratefully received. Find us on FaceBook and keep up to date with our weekly Blog.


Scott Drake Dealer

Mustang Maniac are extremely proud to be part of a select few fully licensed Scott Drake parts dealerships in the UK.

Scott Drake Enterprises are renowned for their outstanding quality reproduction and Ford officially licensed products.

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