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Under Dash Courtsey Light Bulb
Under Dash Courtsey Light Bulb

Dashboard Lamp (Under-Dash Courtesy)
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Replacement bulbs from O.E.M. suppliers to the auto industry. Excellent quality bulbs.

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1966 Bronco (any style)
1967 Bronco (any style)
1968 Bronco (any style)
1969 Bronco (any style)
1970 Bronco (any style)
1971 Bronco (any style)
1972 Bronco (any style)
1973 Bronco (any style)
1974 Bronco (any style)
1975 Bronco (any style)
1976 Bronco (any style)
1977 Bronco (any style)
1964 Mustang (any style)
1965 Mustang (any style)
1966 Mustang (any style)
1967 Mustang (any style)
1968 Mustang (any style)
1969 Mustang (any style)
1970 Mustang (any style)
1971 Mustang (any style)
1972 Mustang (any style)
1973 Mustang (any style)

Amperage Rating 0.630 amps
Base Type Single Contact Bayonet
Brightness 6 candlepower
Bulb Color Clear
Bulb Type Miniature Lamp G-6
Filament Quantity 1
Filament Type 2C-2R
Length 1.438 In.
Length 37 mm
Rated Life 1000 hrs
Voltage 14.000 volts
Wattage 8.820 watts

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£4.80 inc. VAT