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Back Oil Filter CHEVY PH30 - 51069

Oil Filter CHEVY PH30 - 51069
Oil Filter CHEVY PH30 - 51069

BUICK 1969-1993
CHECKER 1964-1977
CHEVROLET 1962-1999
GMC 1963-1988
OLDSMOBILE 1966-1984
PONTIAC 1963-1996


Particle size retention (filtration efficiency)
Particle size retention is the measure of the degree to which the filter can retain particles of various sizes. WIX has developed optimum particle size retention quality in filter media through extensive engine wear tests in the real world, at the race track and in the lab. In fact, WIX media in automotive full-flow oil filters traps and holds essentially all particles larger than 25 microns (a human hair is roughly 70 microns in diameter), while capturing a high percentage of even smaller particles.

Dirt-holding capacity
Dirt-holding capacity is the amount of contaminant that can be removed and held by the filter until the filter ceases to function. The dirt-holding capacity of WIX filters is significantly larger than the minimum manufacturer requirements between oil changes, which provides you with added security that contaminants captured by the filter stay in the filter.

A low restriction to oil flow is also critical to protecting vital engine parts. All WIX full-flow oil filters for automotive and light truck applications use arch-pleated, prescription-blended media, which provides low initial restriction to oil flow - less than 2 psi pressure drop when filtering oil at a rate of 4 gallons per minute at normal operating temperatures.

Media Type Enhanced Cellulose
Micron 21.00
Height 4.338"
Outer Diameter Top 3.660"
Inner Diameter Top Closed
Thread Size 13/16-16"
Anti Drain Back Valve No
ByPass Valve Setting None
Beta Ratio 2/20=6/20
Burst Pressure 225 psi
Flow Rate 9-11 GPM
Class A
Style Spin-On Lube Filter
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 027092218, 055505, 068108746, 0FE00134, 1025280M91, 11468733, 11468736, 127644, 146393M1, 15601U212071, 173232, 2817055, 3124910, 32918700, 37A0635, 3852412, 3I1094, 452418C1, 46949, 502902, 504297790, 51069MP, 54111, 54111B1, 55505, 5578052, 6437055, 6437412, 6438261, 7000014690, 71146873, 74193H, 835440, 8354409, 8500411, 872023, 990359, A029B341, A218649, AH82432, AW38, C4RZ6731CDP, DG30, F5547, F604, FL10, FL10DP, HM30, J0990359, J8134325, L136, LF651, LF651J, LFP170025, LFP550025, OC114, P550025, PF25, PF25C, PF25F, PH25, PH30, PZ52, TG30, TY25792E, TY9429, UPF25, XG30, YSC10231200C, YSC13231200C

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