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90-Degree Cooler Line Fitting for C4 Transmissions.

If your 1965-1981 Mustang came with a factory C4 transmission or you've done a transmission swap on your Mustang to a C4 transmission, then this 90-Degree Cooler Line Fitting is just what you need to attach the transmission cooling line to the transmission. It'll connect at a 90-degree angle and only works with C4 transmissions. This cooler line fitting is a must-have part. Otherwise, you won't be able to connect the cooling line to the transmission.

This 90-Degree Cooler Line Fitting will work on every C4 transmission, and it's compatible with other model years as long as the vehicle has a C4 transmission. It also works well on 1973-1977 Ford Broncos with a factory C4 transmission. While 1965-1981 are the only years this type of transmission was available from the factory for Mustangs, it's still a popular one to swap, especially for drag racing!

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