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Basic Transmission Shift Kit (C4/5)
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Scott Drake Mustang has just joined forces with TransGo Performance. Gil Younger of TransGo was the inventor and designer of valve body modifications over 35 years ago. These shift kits are a must for anybody wishing to improve economy, performance and durability of their automatic transmission. Shift kits firm up 1-2 and 2-3 shifts and improve passing gear response. These kits can be installed while transmission is still in the car. We offer both the basic shift kit, which is geared towards the trained professional as it is usually installed during a transmission rebuild and may require additional gaskets. This kit is not recommended for inexperienced installers. We also carry and highly recommend TransGo’s performance reprogramming shift kits. These kits are all inclusive. They include everything that mechanical minded person would need to install this while still in the vehicle. These kits can be programmed to your different settings (off road, Pro Street and competition). Also permits total shift lever control allowing you to manual shift up or down at will without losing automatic feature. Many of these kits have been engineered to correct inherent weaknesses that cause transmissions to fail, especially when dealing with more horsepower than stock. Kits include detailed instructions, all necessary gaskets, a new filter, special drill bits, color coded components to help eliminate errors. These kits also include a technical hot-line should you run into any questions.

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