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How To Restore Your Mustang: 1964-1973
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This restorer’s manual provides clear, concise information in an easy-to-follow format for restoring your car. In addition, it includes information to keep the restorer on track and the project within budget. The book includes step-by-step restoration procedures so owners and restorers can confidently complete each job. 192 pages, and includes more than 400 color photos.

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1964 Mustang (any style)
1964 .5 Mustang (any style)
1965 Mustang (any style)
1966 Mustang (any style)
1967 Mustang (any style)
1968 Mustang (any style)
1969 Mustang (any style)
1970 Mustang (any style)
1971 Mustang (any style)
1972 Mustang (any style)
1973 Mustang (any style)

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