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Part Number- MM25

** please note the plugs now come silver not black anymore**
Platinum Xtreme Performance; Copper Resistor Spark Plug
Guaranteed to deliver quick starts, good fuel economy and smooth acceleration. The copper core increases the rate of heat conduction in the spark plug tip and improves resistance to all types of fouling.

Copper-glass seal bonds insulator, terminal post center electrode together; assures full required voltage at spark gap; gas-tight seal (100% leak proof)
Multi-rib insulator reduces danger of "flash-over"
One-piece terminal post adds strength
Resistor reduces radio frequency interference (RFI) and electrode erosion
Cold-formed steel shell precision rolled threads
Full copper core electrode provides better performance in all conditions

AVANTI 1971-1991
BRICKLIN 1975-1976
BUICK 1967-1993
CHEVROLET 1970-1998
DETOMASO 1971-1989
DODGE 1977-1981
FORD 1969-1997
GMC 1970-1998
HUMMER 1995-1996
LAFORZA 1989-1995
LINCOLN 1973-1992
MERCURY 1969-1993
OLDSMOBILE 1980-1994
PLYMOUTH 1978-1981
PONTIAC 1970-1995

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