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Always Change In Pairs (CHIPS)
Bulbs put out less light as they age. That means that old bulb is giving you less nighttime visibility that you'd have with 2 new bulbs. Putting in a new pair gives you all the light you should be getting for maximum driving safety for you and your family.
If one burned out, the other is probably close to the end of its life too. Don't leave yourself stranded at night with a burned out bulb. It's not safe, and it can get you an expensive ticket.
When you change in pairs, installation is 'one and done.' Change both bulbs and you won't have to worry about getting under the hood to replace bulbs again for quite a while.
Base Type W2,5x16q
Bulb Color Amber
Contact Quantity 4
Filament Quantity 2
Push or Twist Type Push Type
Voltage 12.8/14
Wattage 26.9/8.26

BUICK 1993-2006
CADILLAC 2002-2005
CHEVROLET 1992-2016
CHRYSLER 1988-2012
DODGE 1989-2019
EAGLE 1996
FORD 1987-2019
GMC 1992-2006
ISUZU 1998-2000
JEEP 2000-2010
LINCOLN 1990-2014
MAZDA 2000-2009
MERCURY 1988-2010
MITSUBISHI 2008-2012
NISSAN 2000-2020
OLDSMOBILE 1995-2004
PLYMOUTH 1993-2000
PONTIAC 1994-2005
RAM 2011-2018
SATURN 1993-2008
SUBARU 2005-2007
TOYOTA 1999-2013

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