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Back 15+ Rear Brake Pads (Manual)

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15+ Rear Brake Pads (Manual)
15+ Rear Brake Pads (Manual)

Mustang Rear Brake Pads For Performance Brakes From 2015 Onwards
Manual transmission
To Fit Mustang European Models
With 5.0L 4V DOHC SEFI Engine

From: 30-03-2015 Onwards

Part Number: 2111330. GR3Z2200F. 2043641. 2310233

* Manual and automatic, rear brake pads are interchangeable, but there is a slight difference of the shape of the breaking surface and brake pad material for Ford, genuine brake pads, aftermarket, only specify one brake pad*

£155.95 + VAT
£187.14 inc. VAT