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FORD MUSTANG 2005-2009

Part Number- MMK500033

Problem Solver
Moog Ball Joint housings are forged and/or machined from a single block of fine-grain alloy steel, providing unequaled strength and durability. Powdered-metal gusher bearings, with grease grooves, resist wear better than conventional designs. Moog's innovative approach allows grease TO flow through the bearing TO the stud AND provides a smooth, durable surface that extends service life.

Moog's design also transfers the load to the housing and provides strength and stability. Patented pressed-in cover plates minimize radial and axial deflection, securing a solid-steering feel. Moog uses premium polychloroprene and polyurethane — superior compounds that stand up to temperature extremes, dirt and abrasion — to seal the boots on our ball joints.

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